The Story

Established in 2014, Jardin has grown to be a foremost provider of bespoke floral services to its discerning clients. We value timeless over trendy, few over many and plain over fancy - that's probably the most condensed way of putting into words what Jardin is about. Florist Anne Claudia is the artistic mind behind Jardin with exceptional taste and an eye for colours.  Anne Claudia’s convictions form the core of our philosophy: that flowers should be appreciated for their own beauty, and are best left presented in as simple and as elegant a setting as possible


Jardin is a Jakarta based studio and florist that produces works ranging from major floral decorations to hand made flower gestures.


The Process

Jardin is carrying an unparalleled selection of fresh flowers. Great attention is paid to the details and the quality of flowers in order to ensure that customers receive the freshest goods. Here at Jardin, creativity and quality are at the heart of everything we do. Every single creation is designed and constructed by caring hand. We offer a wide range of bloom bouquets, bloom boxes, bloomoons  & bloom jars, which are all perfect for heartfelt expressions at any occasions.